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Meet the Pitchers: Diagnostics & Medical Devices

By Kristen Otto | June 24, 2020

Reetuparna Das
University of Michigan
Startup: Sequal
Technology: Ultra-rapid molecular diagnosis of cancer
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Melanie Joy
University of Colorado
Startup: Katharos, Inc.
Technology: Extracorporeal device for optimizing phosphate control in hemodialysis
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Sunyoung Kim
Louisiana State University School of Medicine & Health Sciences Center
Startup: Chosen Diagnostics Inc.
Technology: Biomarker panel to improve necrotizing enterocolitis diagnosis
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Kacey Marra
University of Pittsburgh
Startup: AxoMax Technologies, Inc.
Technology: Biodegradable nerve guide
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Sarah Vigmostad
The University of Iowa
Startup: SynderBio, Inc.
Technology: Novel, high-throughput cell separation techniques for single cell sequencing and cancer diagnosis
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Pamela Woodard
Washington University in St. Louis
Startup: GwynTech
Technology: Imaging agent designed to identify atherosclerotic plaque that can rupture and cause heart attack or stroke
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