Equalizer Startups Committees

I just want to say a sincere thank you for the opportunity to participate. This program really helped me solidify my project and offered me many network contacts.

Breanna Hetland, University of Nebraska Medical Center


This committee, under the treasurer, manages the funds raised and advises on the operating budget for Equalize


This committee is responsible for determining sponsorship levels and identifying target companies, foundations, and individuals that may align with the Equalize mission. This committee also identifies and determines grants for application by the Equalize team.


This committee finds companies, foundations, and individuals who align with the mission of Equalize and can provide synergism to the mission. This group determines events and tactics of overlap that can be leveraged for collaboration efforts.


This committee is responsible for devising and implementing a strategy for marketing of Equalize activities and undertakings. Responsibilities also include identifying channels to disseminate information. This committee works with the applications task force to find volunteers to do outreach.


This committee determines the education sessions that are offered to Equalize participants. This includes identifying individuals to deliver the content and scheduling education sessions, as well as determining synergistic partners that have training and education programs.

Peer Communities

This committee identifies and implements mechanisms to maintain connections between Equalize participants, mentors, judges and other supporters. This includes driving connectivity through online platforms, as well as making connections necessary for participants to feel included.

Mentorship and Judges

This committee identifies individuals who align with the Equalize mission and have significant experience as investors, CEOs, or entrepreneurs to mentor participants in Equalize. Additionally, they find individuals from partner or sponsor entities to judge any pitch competitions. This committee maintains the connection to past mentors and participants, as well as collects information on the overall experience.

In-person events

This committee identifies opportunities to bring participants together during Equalize programming. They will coordinate and execute these in-person events, including all planning, budgeting, coordination, and details.


This committee helps with the marketing of Equalize to potential applicants and with the review of the applications once received. This committee is mainly active from September to December of each year.

I encourage anyone who is looking for an efficient yet impactful way to contribute to this important mission to join a committee! They are well-organized and don’t require significant time. Equalize relies on our growing community to help build value and support for future women academic entrepreneurs!

Sonia Kim, PhD

Communications Committee Member